Best practices


ALICE scales up PRO-SAVE (Prosociality Against Violence and Exclusion) financed under Daphne III programme of the DG Justice-Freedom and Security, and coordinated by Fondazione Villa Montesca. It developep positive interpersonal relationships to improve emotional skills and to prevent peer violence in primary school through a Prosociality-based educative Model.

The aim is to replicate this good practice on a wider scale, adapting it to the secondary schools, and transferring it to different contexts/countries (IT, GR, BG, ES, NL), involving also public authorities in order to implement it in a more systematic level.

WHY PRO-SAVE? The “prosocial learning environments” defined in 8 countries played a stronger role in promoting shared values, in building a school wide sense of community and in creating “Educators Caring Community”, a sort of village in which bridges and roads represent social relations that had a direct effect on a children’ education and protection.

  Pedagogic and Didactic Manual for Teaching Prosociality in Primary School